Taking Care of our Texas Firefighters

Hurricane Harvey has devastated 50 counties at or near the Texas Gulf Coast. While first responders are helping the citizens in their cities and towns, many of their own homes, fire stations and equipment have sustained damage or been completely destroyed. 
WPIFF is partnering with the Texas Fire Chief ’s Association (TFCA) to raise capital for the rebuilding of homes for firefighters in the 50 counties effected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate to our Firefighting Rebuilding Fund today to help our Texas Firefighters.

If you see our Firefighters out and about for the Bucket Brigade, please throw some change in their buckets! 100% of your donation will go to the WPI Firefighters' Fund whose board evaluates all requests for money. WPI's overhead costs are underwritten, so all donated funds go directly to the selected recipients.

Or if you'd like, check out their website to donate online.